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On Thursday 17 November, our Bayside Ambassadors made the journey to Ricketts Point, Beaumaris for their final coastal workshop for the year. With temperatures reaching the mid 20’s by late morning, students were lucky enough to experience the start of summer in full swing.

To begin the day, students were split into two group and rotated between a presentation on local species of frog found in surrounding suburbs and a sea grass activity. Sifting through small tubs of sea grass, students were able to discover and isolate various invertebrates found living amongst the flowering plants including molluscs, gastropods and arthropods including two sharp-tailed sea centipedes. Providing light microscopes and laptops, students were then able to take a closer look at what they had found.

Following a morning tea break, it was then out onto the rock pools to further explore the coastline and what we could discover. Such things included a nudibranch, sharp-tailed sea centipede, brown eel and of course, various species of crab.


Sharp-tailed sea centipede

To finish off the afternoon, students were treated to a BBQ lunch, cake and the presentation of awards to recognise our hard-working and dedicated Ambassadors, parent-helpers and coordinators.

Congratulations to the following recipients who have supported i sea, i care throughout the year:

School of the Year- Firbank Grammar, Sandringham house

Ambassador of the Year – Daniel Lera, St Joan of Arc Primary School

Ambassador of the Year – Harry Strahan, St Joan of Arc Primary School

Coordinator of the Year – Kathleen Barone, St Joan of Arc Primary School

Parent-helper of the Year – Brenda Lera, St Joan of Arc Primary School

Outstanding  – Jane Byrne, St Finbars Primary School


2016 award winners

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