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On May 23rd, St Joan of Arc, Firbank Grammar (Sandy House), St Finbars, St Marys and Hampton Park  ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors joined together at St Joan of Arc School in Brighton. For the first half of the day, Ambassadors learnt about some of the wonderful life found in our bays including decorator crabs and Port Jackson sharks.

Bottlenose dolphinAlong with this, were activities such as ‘Find the dolphin’s food’ and ‘Beachcombing’. Taking notes was important for today’s session, as in the afternoon the Ambassadors would become the teachers! Everything learnt in the first half of today was to be taught again in the afternoon – however this time, our Bayside Ambassadors were to teach the grade one students at St Joan of Arc.  Along with having an understanding of how to teach grade ones about marine life and the effect of plastics on marine environments, our Ambassadors were also encouraged to use key presentation skills to deliver their lesson. Such skills included loud, clear voices, positive body language and eye contact.

After dividing activities between themselves and many rehearsals, Ambassadors were ready to present their lesson all by themselves. Along with delivering content, the half hour lesson involved Ambassadors selecting grade one students for answers, picking volunteers for certain tasks and working together as a team to run a fluid lesson within the tight time-frame. Well done to all the Ambassadors for showing leadership skills and working together to successfully educate other students about our precious marine life and the importance of reducing plastic waste!  Another thank you to the teachers and parents present on the day; you are a great support to our Ambassadors.

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