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What a fantastic week of Peer Teaching Workshops with our Casey, Kingston, and Melbourne Ambassadors! Ambassadors had a great time learning about our amazing marine animals and habitats, including how we as humans can negatively impact upon the marine environment.
Through engaging and hands-on teaching activities the Ambassadors become more confident at communicating the environmental message and feel more empowered in their role as Ambassadors to help their communities contribute to a more positive environmental future! After Mandy, Jacqui and Jess taught the Ambassadors a range of activities, and plenty of practice time, the Ambassadors then used their new knowledge and skills to teach a younger class!
A Casey Ambassador teaches the young students about the Port Jackson shark!
Through role-plays, storytelling, and support, the Ambassadors quickly gained the confidence to share their new knowledge. After an incredibly challenging 2019, it was so rewarding to watch the Ambassadors constantly supporting each other, even Ambassadors that had only just met at the workshop were so supportive of each other!
The young students were so engaged as a Kingston Ambassador asks them questions about what they had learned!
After the workshop, many Ambassadors commented on their newly found confidence, and that teaching the younger students was so much fun! The younger students also participated with great enthusiasm and listened with rapt attention!
There were smiles all around for our Melbourne Ambassadors who supported each other beautifully throughout the workshop!
Congratulations to our wonderful ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors, and many thanks to our Council partners, host schools, ISIC coordinators, and parent/carers for making these experiences possible! 

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