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2021 Report

How many eyes does it take to capture the movement of whales through central Victorian waters? The answer is LOTS!

And this is exactly what the Two Bays Whale Project has delivered since 2015 in a collaboration with Wildlife Coast Cruises, DRI and the community, to record the movement of large whales in Port Phillip and Western Port and Bass Strait from Barwon Heads to Inverloch.

The data is shared with local, national and international bodies, including the Southern Hemisphere Whales and Climate Project.

While COVID won’t have affected the movement of whales, fewer sightings were received during the pandemic than in previous years.

In 2021 we recorded 150 separate sighting events of three species (southern right, humpback and killer whale) and 259 individual whales.

The Two Bays Whale Project uniquely validates every sighting to filter out multiple reports of the same event and to capture images where possible. This provides a strong basis for this important program.