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2019 Summary Report – Two Bays Whale Project

Tracking the movement of whales past our coast is both challenging and important for their protection.

To meet this challenge the Dolphin Research Institute, led by project manager David Donnelly, developed the Two Bays Whale Project. This citizen science program enjoys a strong partnership with Phillip Island eco-tour company Wildlife Coast Cruises and is a big part of David’s work as our Research Officer.

Here we are pleased to release the 2019 Summary Report for the Two Bays Whale Project.

The challenges of 2020 may have delayed this report but not the whales. Sighting reports have them travelling past Tasmania and we expect to see them in the Two Bays region in the coming weeks.

The report shows a marked increase in involvement by citizen scientists during 2019 as well as the validation of four species of whales recorded during the year. We are grateful for the support of participants and partners. Download the full report below.

While Covid-19 has introduced uncertainties this year for citizen scientists surveying from cliff-tops and tour vessels, we are hopeful that some activity will still be possible. In preparation, we are working on new tools to strengthen the Two Bays Whale Project for 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved.

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