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On Thursday December 1, we headed out of Sorrento for the first of three boat trips for Kingston Ambassadors new in 2017 (and a few who are finishing!).

It was a glorious afternoon, with the students very excited about looking for dolphins. And sure enough, five minutes into the trip we spotted a pod.  A total of maybe eight bottlenose dolphins with two calves!!!


This meant we couldn’t swim with them but nobody minded as we watched the calves surfacing next to their mums. We watched for about half an hour, unable to drag ourselves away. But eventually we headed over to Portsea pier for a snorkel with seadragons and then over to the seals at Chinamans Hat.

All in all, an amazing trip. Two more sessions next week, fingers crossed they are just as good.

Well done to all the Kingston co-ordinators for another great year!

Thanks to Peter Murrell, who joined us on board, from City of Kingston for sponsoring the program.

Many thanks to Torie, Angus, Meg and Christina at Moonraker for another awesome day.

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