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'i sea, i care' is an innovative communication program

Developed by the Dolphin Research Institute to convince Victorians that "what lives around our coast is too precious to lose". Our surveys highlight Victorians misconceptions about the significance of our unique marine ecosystems and species. The fact that more than 90% of Victorians value the marine ecosystems in other states above their own is a critical block to success for all of us working on coastal and catchment issues. 'i sea, i care' takes a long-term strategic approach which offers the chance to add value to current marine education programs with persistent communications that are relevant and accessible to a much wider audience.

What is 'i sea, i care'?

The 'i sea, i care' Ambassador Program uses champions within organisations to leverage messages to a much larger audience. The goal is to make valuing our Living Marine Treasures a normal part of the culture. The gentle persistent presence of monthly "coastal celebrities and messages", for the whole year (not for another transient "day" or "week"), help us to reach a new audience - the "unconverted".

Download the 'i sea, i care' (pdf) - about our award winning School Ambassadors Project for Primary Schools; includes prices and application form.

'i sea, i care' started with the School Ambassador Program. For 6 years we have worked with more than 500 ambassadors from over 100 schools, to develop young leaders who help reach a peak monthly audience exceeding 40,000 with the 'i sea, i care' stories.

'i sea, i care' has a proven track record of developing young leaders by providing them with real and relevant experiences.